It is a Non Government, Non profit Group aiming to bring together parents and care takers of infants, children and adults affected with Spina Bifida, through a common network. Due to lack of proper resources and information parents are emotionally disturbed and feel all alone and left out. Here parents can learn to cope with difficult situations they have to face everyday in bringing up a child with special needs.


Our Mission

We have dared to take this mission in our hands and are convinced that we will steadily and scrupulously move further and one fine day our journey will be towards completion. A support group can survive only on the enthusiasm of its members. Right now ISBA is in the formation stage and we require enthusiastic parents with the determination to work incessantly and altruistic towards the betterment of all affected with Spina Bifida.


Our objective

  1. Enhance and improve the quality of life of all affected with spina bifida.
  2. To give mutual and emotional support and help in all the possible ways.
  3. To develop contacts and communication between parents.
  4. To provide a common place for parents to share there experiences and doubts.
  5. To provide information in the field of research and medicine.
  6. To provide optimism and encouragement for parents and children.
  7. To promote the prevention of Spina Bifida by primary prevention and developing awareness among people.
  8. To create a medium where qualified professionals can give their opinions and advice.


Families with a child who has spina bifida have special concerns and often need a great deal of information and support. Information about the disability and other related problems of their child, about school, services, therapy, medical facilities, proper toilet facilities and much more. Parents will find it very useful to join ISBA, where they can meet other families with similar needs. ISBA can serve many purposes, but primarily they offer parents a place and a means to share information, give and receive emotional support, and work as a team to address common concerns.


We request parents to abandon their scepticism and come forward. Let us help each other in shaping a bright prospective for our children.