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    A brief history of our member health status.
    Our friend  had cord tethering with Intradural Lipoma. He had a surgery to untether the cord in May 2015 and have been able to carry out his activities normally. However, since the last 2 months he has had various symptoms like weakness in legs, pin prick sensation, muscle weakness etc. He consulted with his neurologist and took an MRI. The MRI report confirmed that the cord has tethered again. On contacting his surgeon, he mentioned that although the cord appears tethered, it may not actually be tethered as he had already removed the tethering and the symptoms may be due to the Lipoma pressing against the nerves in the cord. He also mentioned any repeat surgery to remove the cord is risky as it may damage the nerves. Our friend has been given Gabawin 25 to control the neurological symptoms and have been asked to come for review in 3 months.
    * Have any of you dealt with retethering of the cord post an initial untethering surgery? If so what was line of treatment taken?
    * Are any of you advised conservative treatment approach of medicines for retethering?

    Please advise as your opinion matters a lot to us.

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